Six characteristics of automatic brick making machine


Automatic brick making machine has the following six characteristics:
First, the high-end technology: the use of the most advanced twin extreme pressure, high-frequency vibration and dual stereo machine synchronizer brick linkage process, the machine runs smoothly, fast, and strong pressure vibration, various types of output unburned density, high strength, dimensional accuracy, smooth appearance.
Second, features and more: simply replaced with a different touch can produce a variety of products, such as standard bricks, blocks, pavers, etc., truly a multi-purpose machine.
Third, low energy consumption: As hydraulic motors operate only long running among other motors are all instant operation.
Fourth, high yield: the use of large displacement hydraulic station, plus a reasonable combination of pressure and vibration simultaneously with automatic host molding material storage, so fast mold ups and downs, the pressure up time is short, high yield.
Fifth, good quality: mold precision manufacturing by professional technicians, geometry standards, coupled with advanced compression, vibration technology, after pressure molding, high-density, greatly improving the automatic brick making machine equipment products compressive and flexural strength.
Sixth, easy to operate: Many aspects of the machine during operation done automatically by the electronic numerical control, so only one person machine operation is simple, and easy maintenance.