Characteristics of Sanxiong baking-free brick making machine


Baking-free brick making machine is the use of slag, slag, fly ash, stone, sand, gravel, cement and other raw materials, scientific ratio, mixing with water, mud brick by brick machinery to suppress the water pressure, hollow blocks or colored pavement brick machinery and equipment.
1, Reasonable design, using automatic transfers board system, feeding sub-feed, forced feeding system, the pressure head mold frame synchronization and synchronization system can automatically cycle of production, high production efficiency, a large brick stable product quality.
2, Equipment mechanical, electrical, hydraulic linkage, PLC control, interlock program to protect themselves, safe and reliable operation, the main console computer interface operation , enabling the machine parameter settings, random signal acquisition , fault diagnosis, the machine will be adjusted to the optimum working condition. Remote communication can be achieved through remote monitoring, troubleshooting and system upgrades.
3, It uses a hydraulic motor vibration, reasonable structure, reliable, high vibration efficiency, pressure vibration combine density of the products.