QTY12-15 Automatic Hydraulic Block Molding Machine

  • Brick types: Standard brick
  • Quantity/pallet: 60ps
  • Pallet specification: 870×1350×40mm
  • Power: 40kw
  • Weight: 14.5T

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  • QTY12-15 Automatic Hydraulic block molding machine
■ Introduction

PLC Electric Control System
electric control system of the machine adopts PLC system, computer operation, which can realize random signal analysis, fault diagnosis and parameter setting, ensure best work station of the machine.
Uniform Feed Distribution
The feed box stirring fork distribute feeds uniformly, rapidly and stably through 360 degree rotation, avoiding wet feed be uneven, ensure product has good compactness, high quality. avoid container impact, reduce the noise, lengthen the service life of the machine;
Vibration mode uses the latest technology to adjust the speed of motor drive to satisfy and guarantee different vibration frequency and amplitude, while distributing feeds and vibration , so as to improve the quality of the products, shorten the molding cycle.
Full Synchronous Vibration
Fix molding box on the stiff vibration plate by ejection cylinder,reach mold and plate keep synchronous vibration, even amplitude and smaller deviation of mold intensity . Adopt full synchronous vibration mode to make uniform vibration form , the frequency can be adjusted according to different workmanship , low frequency adding feeds, high frequency molding, make different raw materials reach best vibrating through adjusting .
Reliable & Novel Structure
Srong and novel body structure, the body uses high strength steel and advanced welding technology ,the equipment is of goog quality, durable, strong, stable property.
Various Block Application
The brick machine can produce various specifications of the concrete block, porous brick, road brick, slope protection brick,square brick etc, suitable for large, medium and small building materials enterprise investment.

Customer Service
Pre-sale Consultation Service
Before the contract is signed, provide product performance introduction,best construction scheme and rational proposal for users, satisfy customers’ special quality requirement.
High Quality Production Guarantee
Never let unqualified products leave factory, provide reliable products with good quality an requested quantity on schedule;
Technical Training
Provide technical training as users’ requirements, sustain quality tracking, customer visiting to key users, improve product performance timely according to customer's requirements and continuously improve product quality.
Available Personnel Guidance
Sending professional and technical service personnel to participate in unpacking acceptance and guide installation, debugging as customers’ technical services need, until normal operation of the equipment, production of qualified products.

■ Specifications



Brick types Specification (length*width*height) Quantity/pallet Cycle time(s) Capacity(ps/8hurs)
Hollow brick 390×190×190mm 12ps 15s 23040ps
Porous brick 240×115×90mm 30ps 15s  
Standard brick 240×115×53mm 60ps 15s 115200ps
Pallet specification:870×1350×40mm Power:40kw Weight:14.5T
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